heather® school of tanning

before opening heather® tans in west hollywood, i tanned some of the most notable personalities in los angeles right out of my garage. i mastered the art of airbrush tanning and developed a technique that inspired airbrush tanning artists all over the world to seek out my expertise. i am responsible for training some of the most successful tanning salons on the west coast including rainglow in seattle and bronze buddha glow in arizona. their growth allowed for me to have a successful business of my own right here on sunset.

heather® tans was born out of my original passion and true calling—teaching. basically, i’m returning to my roots.

i’m excited to announce the launch of our latest extension-the heather® school of tanning. i am reopening my book and revealing all of my airbrush tanning secrets to anyone desiring to learn how to give the best tan in L.A. you can expect in-depth, hands-on training from myself and the heather® team. at the heather® school of tanning, you’ll learn airbrush tanning as an art form and get an up close look at how i became LA’s airbrush tanning guru to the stars. if you work within the beauty or wellness industry — or simply want to pick up a new skill, this program is for you. what better way to expand your business than to learn a new art, especially one that’s in high demand. through us you will master the craft. invest in equipment and you will be ready and able to tan anywhere. take your business to the beach, the street, or even your garage. keep an eye out, enrollment begins in august.

-heather shaw