what's been up at heather® tans

hey there, it's a fun time here at heather® tans. we've been expanding and working to make the heather® experience the best experience. keep reading to find out what's been happening on sunset. 


heather® water

we've recently launched heather® water, our organic airbrush tanning solution that makes a heather® tan a heather® tan. the solution is available in 1oz bottles to provide you with an on-the-go refresher. need to refresh your tan on the beach or in your car? just a couple pumps and your airbrush tan will look good as new. bottles value at $35 or buy all 4 for $95. available in every shade. click here for purchase.


the m e d i t a t i v e

airbrush tanning isn't just about making you look good, it's about feeling good. we care about your beauty and your wellness. join us at heather® tans on sunset for the m e d i t a t i v e, our new monday evening gathering where we'll practice mindfulness and engage in mind-body exercises. let's find clarity, equanimity, and peace as we step into the week. sign up for the m e d i t a t i v e will be available soon. 


heather® school of tanning

as many of you know, heather® tans was born out of heather shaw's passion to teach. earlier in her career, she trained some of the most successful airbrush tanning salons on the west coast. their success allowed for heather to have a business of her own—heather® tans on sunset. recently, we launched heather® school of tanning, an extension of heather® tans. our curriculum teaches students the art of a heather® tan, but we also provide them with tools to start their own businesses. we're excited to continue educating and providing the best airbrush tan in la. 

click here to sign up for our orientation session, heather® masterclass.