heather® philosophy

time for a refill

what's your Rx?

heather® prescriptions are available in 4 different strengths that develop and fade evenly, dry instantly, and leave no harsh scent. Below we break down each Rx so you can find the one that's perfect for you.

heather® 7

  • You're here for a tan, but terrified of being too dark.
  • Popular with: corporate professionals, brides & grooms, legs that haven't seen the sun all year.

    heather® 9

  • Noticible, but not too noticeable glow. Most would consider heather® 9 to be our "medium"
  • Popular with: red carpet events, photo shoots, & rooftop pool pre-tanning.

    heather® 11

  • Boldly tan, but not dark. emphasizes muscle tone and will have people wondering if you started working out.
  • Popular with: tanning enthusiasts, swimwear models, &new yorkers in the winter.

    heather® 13

  • The tannest, baddest bitch on the block. This tan is bold, brazen, and will give you that fresh-off-the-island glow.
  • Popular with: models, bridal parties, special events, & people who hate being pale
  • the heather® method

    have i made myself clear?