how to book appointments


(TLDR: Too Long Didn't Read) Before you even think about showing up to your appointment, review the following. We've updated a lot of our heather® policies & you'll want to get familiar with them. Consider this page your tanning bible. Study it. Live it. Leave the rest to us.

  1. New & Old Customers: Fill out this mandatory form. Note: we will not tan you if you haven't filled out this form by your scheduled appointment time and you will be charged a forfeit fee. So be proactive & save us all the headache. We are a highly desired salon trying to accommodate as many clients as possible. heather® clients come prepared, ready, and on time. What do you need to know before you glow? Click here for everything necessary to prep & care for your tan. Come prepared.
  2. Appointments booked online only: Sorry, no more texting to book. Our business is growing and so are our standards. All appointments must be scheduled via our online booking portal. We have 2 locations so make sure you choose the store you're showing up to for your appointment. We send a confirmation email with the location you selected spelled out, so you literally can't mess this up — and if you do, you will be charged a fee. This goes for no-shows & tardy clients. Please respect your tanning artist's time.
  3. Prepared people get better tans: Unprepared and late people remain pale and get charged, *sorry*. There’s plenty of tanning places in LA, and those ‘other’ places may be better suited for you if you don’t agree with our non-negotiable, non-flexible policies. We know your time is valuable, and so is ours. We schedule clients back to back and take clients at their scheduled appointment time. If you show up 10+ minutes late to your confirmed appointment time, you will be charged an additional $20 late fee. If you show up 15+ minutes past your appointment time, You will forfeit your appointment entirely and will not receive a refund. No exceptions. We're not the friend holding down the table at brunch that'll let a "sorry, running late, lolz" text fly. We've heard every excuse. Plan ahead.