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"Splotch-free, golden glows that last through a week of spinning and hot yoga." - Allure Magazine

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Even the pickiest spray-tan customers will be impressed by their experience. The founder Heather Shaw is sweet and attentive, taking the time to walk you through the process to ensure that you get the perfect color based on your preferences and skin tone. Her tanning solution is also remarkable. It doesn’t smell, the solution dries almost instantly, leaving no sticky residue. The results are even and natural, allowing you to go about the rest of your day without looking orange and streaky.


Celebrity favorite and winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty for Airbrush Tanning in Los Angeles for 3 consecutive issues! If you live in LA and hate being pale, Heather Shaw is your new best friend. She has spent years perfecting her spray tans to achieve the perfect color.  Celebs and locals alike flock to Heather when they need the perfect glow. As a Style Station favorite for many years, we can personally attest that her spray tan skills are #1 in LA.


To avoid looking splotchy and all of the other not-so-well-known airbrush faux-pas, we consulted with the ultimate bronze betch: Heather Shaw, spray tan connoisseur, tanner to the stars, and owner of Heather Airbrush Tanning. That means she’s the betch behind some of the best looking tans from coast to coast. She told us everything you need to know about how to prep for a spray tan.