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There's a reason numerous publications, corporate professionals, media moguls, models, and red carpet-bound celebrities are loving heather® tans — they know heather® does it better.

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I really can't get over how good your spray tan is, and I'm not just saying that. I have only ever let one other lady spray tan me [...] and would go to no one else. So now you're my girl [...] I keep looking at that picture you really, really do an amazing job — to get that colour on my skin tone is genius. You're very talented.

Mel B, TV Personality & Spice Girls Member

It is the best, most natural, most wonderful spray tan [...] she always gives me an [...] oopmh and I feel so much better and I look better and she really is an infusion of happiness for my spirit [...] this girl is gonna take over the world [...] I actually shed 5-7lbs after each spray tan I get [...] She's the spray tanner of the stars.

Laura Wasser, Celebrity Divorce Attorney


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heather® does it better

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