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taning tips

How do I prepare for my tan?

How long will my tan last?

I’m really pale. Will an airbrush tan look natural on me?

How do I make my tan last longer?

Do you customize the solution?

Do I tan naked?

How long does the appointment take?

How long should I wait to shower/swim after my tan?

Can I wear makeup after my tan?

Can I workout the morning after my tan?

Can you still get tanned by the sun with a spraytan?

Why does my face fade faster?

Does dry skin really affect tans?

Is it safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Can I get a spraytan if I'm sunburned?

Which heather® Rx is right for me?


How long will it take to ship?

I haven't received my order. What do I do?

How do I check the status of my order?

What's your return policy?

Does heather® tans ship internationally?

How will my order be shipped?

brides + grooms

How many days before my wedding should I get a tan?

Do you offer bridal discounts?

How should I reach out for bridal treatments?

Do you tan grooms & groomsmen?

How many days before a wedding should I get a tan?


I'm running early, can you fit me in?

I missed my appointment but still need a tan

Something came up & I need to change my appointment time

I texted a change to my appointment and was charged. What gives?

Do I have to fill out a client form?

Can I text to book appointment?

What's your cancellation policy?

Who do I contact to ask appointment-related questions?

I didn't receive a confirmation email